Week 7 Story of the Forest

Story of the Forest in the national museum of Singapore is one of the installation I visit while doing research on interactive installation.

This installation is been created by the renowned Japanese digital art collective teamLab. The art installation is base on William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, it is 477 water colour drawing of plants and animal of Malacca and Singapore draw by a unknow Chinese artist, commissioned between 1819 and 1823 by William Farquhar.

For this installation they use 69 drawing from William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings and transform them into three-dimensional animations. Thought the installation, we walk thought a Spiral path way while the projector project the screen on the partway of the spiral path way. We can see from the screen rain fall from the sky that make the tree grow and slowly turn into a green forest .And then from the forest we will explore thought the forest to swamp, cave and finally back to a forest. And on the way we will see animal from deer ,alligators ,snake and bird come out from their nature habitat.

Then we see the installation turn from day to night and from a green colour scheme forest, it turn to a purple blue coloured scheme forest and with illuminate trees and animal. At the end of the installation the forest crumble into the ground with the animal escaping and the rain start failing from the sky and the cycle begin again.

At the end of the Spiral path way you can enter a room where it will show the illuminate night forest with animal just now and if you look up into the ceiling of the room you can see a projection of the night sky and Singapore flower bloom from the night sky and the type of flower change over time .The flower will scattered into petal and fail slowly from the sky in to the forest we see below.

For this installation there is not much thing we can interact with it but it just create a immersive installation thought the projecting artwork on the wall. Over all going to this installation is a enjoyable experience but i hope to interact with the installation.